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October 14, 2004


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Stephen Green (no, not that one) has some good things to say on his blog today. I have to say that I agree with many of his thoughts. He’s echoing the feelings of many democrat-leaning people I’ve heard recently, including Ron Silver. And speaking of Mr. Silver, even though he’s a self-proclaimed “hollywood liberal”, his fair-minded statements of late have earned him my ear the next time he disagrees with something I hold important.

It’s not that I won’t listen to an opposing view. After all, the ability to change one’s thinking in the face of evidence is the sign of a rational worldview, and I hope I can lay claim to one. It’s just that political debate has become so polarized and strident recently that there is very little moderation being expressed- and I just want November 3rd to get here. If a Ron Silver can stand and say “I disagree with the president on this, and this, and this, but I (horrors!) agree with him on these issues over here, then the next time he says “wait a minute, the president has done something really bad over here”, I’m more inclined to listen and not dismiss it as just more hyperpartisan echoing. I’ve always thought of Ron Silver as sort of sleazy by virtue of some of the characters he’s played. Turns out I may have been wrong. He’s just a good actor (now just watch, next week he’ll be outed as a philanderer of Jacksonian proportions).

Point of self-analysis: do I feel this way just because Mr. Silver happens to agree with me on certain issues? Would I feel this way if it was instead a strong republican who endorsed Kerry? I honestly don’t know, but intellectual honesty requires that I ask myself that question (and the fact that I know most of my Dear Readers will no doubt be doing the same).

Enough navel gazing. Off to the workshop to sharpen my chisels.

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