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October 26, 2004

Lego Mario

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via engadget: Lego robot plays Super Mario Bros….. and wins!


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Installed a few X-10 switches today in the kitchen. Now all of our kitchen lights, hall lights, and most of the living room lights are computer controlled. Very cool. One of the switches was broken, though, and the very good people at automatedoutlet are kindly shipping me another one. They’re cheaper than Smarthome and have very good service. If you need any higher-end home automation stuff, check them out.
Right now it’s fun to stand downstairs and control everything with a single keypad, and know that the computer can control it all when we’re not here.
On-off-on-off-on-off. A binary house!

The Name Game

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Robert and I used to have an impromptu game we played back in college. More of a list, really. We kept track of people who’s names matched their jobs. Kept is up for years and got quite a list going, but along the way it got lost. Bummer.
Well, through the miracle of teknowlegee, I’m starting up a new category to do just that here. If you have a link to a person who’s name fits their job, let me know. Hey Robert, did you save the list?

(I’m also tweaking some of the existing categories a bit as well)

Here’s a few to start with:

David M. Wing, former American Airlines Executive
Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary
Dr. Roger Keyes, professor of Piano, Baylor University

Find Me

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This is cool. An indoor GPS navigation system (uh, IPS?) for robots. Cheap and invisible, they’ll be able to use it to decipher which room they’re in and in what direction they’re facing. Bring on the robots.
Reminds me of a story I saw a few days ago (forgot where), that said the number of domestic robots will quadruple in the next 3 years. Hooray. We want a roomba, but Patrick will probably get one first. 🙂

Comments Working Again

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Sorry about that. Giles told me the server’s own IP address got added to it’s own list of banned IP’s. Duh. It’s fixed now, so comment away!

Stupid Computer Tricks

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Reminds me of those silly stunts PC users do to prove that their computers are not obsolete boat anchors. This story over at slashdot tells the tale of a 25Mhz Centris 650 running Mac OS X Panther. Get this:

“On this approximately 0.05MHz G3 speed emulator, the boot screen has taken 1.5 hours to appear, and the ETA for full boot is almost exactly 1 week! Regular updates are being posted as each milestone in the boot process is reached.”

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