The Big Think

November 2, 2004


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We got back from our local elementary school/voting place about an hour ago. After voting we partook of some yummy barbecue sandwiches at a local BBQ dive we’ve discovered.

I’m always surprised how I feel after voting. After all the months of vitriol and mudslinging, it’s always with a great sense of relief and responsibility duly executed that I walk away from the polling place having done my duty. This time, I couldn’t help but think that, if I -who takes a free society for granted- feel this way, what must it be like for someone who is voting for their leaders for the first time in a thousand generations? How amazing it must feel to know that you have a say in how you are governed and who does the governing, and knowing that you can toss the bums out if they really stink up the joint must be a heady feeling indeed.

Lesson Learned

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via opinion journal: “Florida, which went through such national embarrassment in 2000 during its 36-day recount, has decided to play it safe this year. Its officials will not release any vote totals until the entire state (including the Panhandle counties that close at 8 p.m. Eastern) has voted”

Yay! It looks like they learned their lesson. Would that all states did this.

Democracy In Action

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Tens of thousands of Afghanis risked death to exercise their right. Millions of Iraqi’s will soon be able to do so as well. For thousands of years, people have fought for the privilege of corporately electing their leaders, while millions more have hoped in vain for the opportunity.

We’ve been given a great gift in this country, and as long as neither side corrupts the process by registering phantom voters or denying absentee ballots when it’s really critical, your voice and mine can have a meaningful say. The time has come to do your civic duty. Go vote!

Then go out and do something fun. Get away from the TV and the internet. Enjoy the day. We’ll know when we know.

And thank God that November 3rd has finally almost come. 🙂

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