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November 5, 2004


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Just got back from The Incredibles. Seeing this reinforces me rule: Pixar movies on opening day. Fantastic, fun, funny, touching movie. And the music was a blast.
Go see it.


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The Incredibles opens today! Erin and I are going to catch a matinee.

Dan the Man

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via polipundit

From the desk of Dan Rather:

“This just in…”

“Overnight we at CBS received 372,453 faxed copies of new provisional ballots for Ohio, 69% of which have John Kerry as their choice for President. This would be a net gain, I repeat, a net gain, of approximately 141,500 votes for Senator Kerry, which could give him the miracle victory that many in this country are still hoping for.”

“All of these faxed ballots originated from a Kinkos somewhere in Texas, and appear to be legitimate.”

“Our experts have verified these ballots as authentic.”

“We will be following this amazing, election-changing event, and will be reporting the full story Sunday night on 60 Minutes.”

Dan Rather, CBS News

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