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November 6, 2004

Moral Values

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For those who still believe the meme that evangelicals and other Christians “stole” this election, David Brooks over at the New York Times has something to say:
“As Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center points out, there was no disproportionate surge in the evangelical vote this year. Evangelicals made up the same share of the electorate this year as they did in 2000. There was no increase in the percentage of voters who are pro-life. Sixteen percent of voters said abortions should be illegal in all circumstances. There was no increase in the percentage of voters who say they pray daily.”

So why do we (and will we) keep hearing this idea perpetuated in the media? Because it gives the far left an excuse to avoid looking at the real reasons they lost the election. Why was it that a week ago the election was billed as a referendum on the war, and now it’s being called a referendum on morals- and somehow the “more moral” people who took the election are being made out to be the stupid bad guys? Why have I heard so few from the left come out and say “whoops, we goofed. We really need to go back and reevaluate our positions”?

Not everybody who voted Kerry believes the morality myth, but enough of the people who possess podiums and bullhorns do that we’ll see this become the common wisdom about this election.

HIdden Doors

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