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November 8, 2004

Bulge Redux

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via this site:
Last Word on Bush’s Bulge
Call off the conspiracy freaks. Now it can be told: That mysterious bulge on President Bush’s back during the first presidential debate was not an electronic device feeding him answers, but a strap holding his bulletproof vest in place.”
Sources in the Secret Service told The Hill that Bush “was wearing a bulletproof vest, as he does most of the time when appearing in public. The president’s handlers did not want to admit as much during the campaign, for fear of disclosing information related to his personal security while he was on the campaign trail.

I posited as much here.
I wonder if the conspiracy freaks and Rove-haters will issue a retraction and an apology. I won’t hold my breath…

X-Prize Part II

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Bigelow Aerospace has posted the rules for “America’s Space Prize” here.

1. Develop a craft that can get to orbit
2. Complete 2 orbits of the earth
3. demonstrate the ability to dock with Bigelow’s planned space habitat (!!!!)
4. Return safely to Earth
5. Do it again within 60 days
6. Do this before 2010


1. No governmental involvement (use of govt. testing facilities allowed)


Calling Burt…


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Good review of The Incredibles here. Relatively spoiler-free, too. What? You haven’t seen it?!?! Get thee to a multiplex!

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