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November 10, 2004

Arafat Dead

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Yassar Arafat died tonight at 11:30. link


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Strongbad Email DVD collection. Good JORB Homestray!

Shop Day!

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Yesterday I played hookey and spent most of the day in my shop. Hadn’t mentioned it here, but I got this air cleaner at Woodcraft at Erin’s urging. It’s the one that I’d been looking at for awhile; a good price/performance balance. Well, Woodcraft had this one out-of-box and they had been using it as a customer demo- not to suck up dust, but just to show how one works. It had some minor cosmetic scratches and a knob was missing (easily replaced). They knocked 40% off the unit so I snapped it up. Hung it up in the shop yesterday. Now the air will be nice and clean when I sand, and my lungs will thank me. I also reworked the planer stand with some wheels so I can move the beast around the shop. Oh, and I cleaned lots of spiderwebs out, and hopefully got the critters that made them. Today is another work day (*sigh*). After how good I felt last night, Erin is going to force me into the workshop more often.
After three years in our house, my shop is almost complete. All I need now is a planer and a bandsaw, plus a few small hand tools, and I’ll be all set. Let the building begin… er, continue.

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