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November 18, 2004

Fool Me Not

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Check out this recent ebay auction. Look like a good deal? Now look at the last line of the description.


  1. I wonder if eBay policy would render this sale null and void since it is improperly categorized as a laptop unit (intentionally, of course).

    Comment by Giles Bateman — November 18, 2004 @ 8:59 am

  2. In the famous words of P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute”

    Comment by Jay — November 18, 2004 @ 10:14 am

  3. I agree with Giles. I can’t believe that eBay would allow this to happen. Yeah, someone could get suckered into it, but it’s obviously a dishonest transaction.

    Comment by Erin — November 18, 2004 @ 10:20 am

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