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November 20, 2004

Hearing Check

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Using the OS X Audio Check application, I was able to play various frequencies at different volumes. I determined that I am able to hear up to 18,200Khz at 0dbv (approximately 100db). The normal human hearing range is is 20hz – 20,000khz for perfect ears. Considering that I’m 35 and have been in noisy orchestra pits for my whole career, and that I use my ears in my job all the time, not to mention that I have noisy hobbies like woodworking and flying small aircraft, I’m very happy with this performance. Maybe I should do an informal recheck every year?
Note: if you decide to use this software to check your hearing, make sure your speakers are up to the task. My cheap little Harman/Kardon computer speakers can’t reproduce anything above 16,000Khz. My professional JBL studio monitors handle everything up to 20,000Khz.
More about hearing here.

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