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November 20, 2004


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Erin and I have decided to drop AT&T as our cellphone carrier. We’re looking at upgrading phones and downgrading plans. Currently, we spend $100/month for both phones. We each have 400 minutes anytime, and free nights/weekends (starting at 8pm). Basic Nokia phones.
T-Mobile is offering a “family plan” where we will share 400 anytime minutes with free nights/weekends/holidays, but any calls to each other or to any other T-mobile customer are free. As 80% of my cell calls are to her, we think this will be fine. The phones are much better too. We’re each getting one of these. They take pictures, vibrate, color screen, limited internet, mp3 ringtones, etc, etc, etc, etc. The phones cost $50 after rebate and the plan only costs $49. I’ll be dropping my home office number and porting it over to the cellphone, so even though the phone purchases and account activations are costing us $170, we’re saving $70 per month.
Oh, and once this is all squared away, we’ll probably switch our normal home phone to Vonage. We should see a $20/month or so in savings. All told, we’ll be saving over a thousand dollars per year, and getting better service and better phones. Take that AT&T.
Talking with the T-mobile guy at Fry’s, he said that he doesn’t even have a home phone and the legacy POTS companies are running scared.

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