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November 27, 2004

Toll Party

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Austin is getting Toll Road happy soon. Many of our existing, paid for major roads (183, Mopac), will soon be converted to toll roads, costing the average family $100 per month. Unless we do something to stop it.

Dog Day

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If all goes well, we’ll be adopting this dog sometime next week:

He’s a Blue Dog rescue dog ( Part German Shepherd (knew you’d like that, Giles). Part something else. Very loving and a good personality. He’s playful but not spastic, mellow but not comatose. Doesn’t shed (much). Seems very teachable (already knows sit). Great personality. He’s about 7 months old and about 40 lbs. He was found in a box a few months ago on the side of the road, and went straight into the adoption program. Will grow to about 60 lbs.

We’ve been looking for a dog for a while, and have been in that terminal we’ll-know-the-one-when-we-see-it-but-we’re-not-actively-looking. So far we haven’t fallen in love with any of the dogs we’ve looked at: they just didn’t seem right. We don’t want just any dog; getting a good personality match is important, so it was a bit of a surprise when we went into PetSmart this afternoon (Saturday is adopt-a-dog day!), and went right to this guy. Stayed with him for about an hour, took him on three walks, and got to know him a little. He’s naturally curious about everything. Doesn’t pull on the leash, but doesn’t walk in a straight line either. It’s like he wants to trip you up. We took him around PetSmart several times and walked around the parking lot. He sniffed everything and wanted to see/smell everything, but if you called him to you and knelt down, he was happy to just hang out and be petted. Nice balance.

The way Blue Dog does it is that the prospective owners fill out an application and they bring the dog over to your house to live for a few days to make sure it’s a good fit. There’s a minimal adoption fee, but they do all the spay/neutering/shots/vet visits. It’s also a no-kill program, so if it’s not a good fit the owners don’t have to feel like they are dooming the animal. We’re currently the second application to be put out on this dog, so that tells you what kind of personality he has. Blue Dog will interview both prospectives and see what the best fit is. We don’t know how serious these other people are right now-here’s hoping they’ll decide on a gerbil.


Money, Meet Mouth

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A few years ago, before the move to Austin, I was a member of the National Space Society. The NSS is a grassroots organization dedicated to the national pursuit of a viable space program. They don’t always get everything right, but they’re a heck of a lot more influential than some guy blathering on obsessively about space on an unread blog. And they represent several hundred thousand people that think we need to be Up There, and are willing to shell out some dough to prove it.
At some point, elected officials have to notice a for-real constituency and act accordingly. I let my membership lapse when we moved, but I’ve rectified that now.


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This goes back to the conversation I had with Gnat about goodness – would Daddy rather someone said “She’s so pretty” or “She’s so smart” or “She’s so good”? Pretty fades, smart can trick you, but good gives you a compass.

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