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December 3, 2004

Halo 2

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Thanks to my friend John Lee, I got a chance to play, and finish, Halo 2. We completed the single player campaign in cooperative player mode (2 people play through the game in splitscreen, but it’s the same character in the story. Very cool, actually. John Lee was a big help since he’s played it through twice already.
I have to say, it was a lot of fun with tons of eye-popping-candy (I mean, just look at those graphics!). It’s funny, but the color schemes and splat-marks remind me very strongly of Bungie’s old Marathon game. For some reason, though, I was never able to get over the X-box’s quirky control scheme. The controllers feel a little klunky in my hands, and the button layout felt very awkward. I never got to that zen-like state of look, shoot, kill that Giles and I mastered in Unreal Tournament. Something about the way the game scrolls, or the twitchiness of the controller kept me at the newbie, spaz-out-flail-and-hope-you-hit-something aiming stage.

Bad Sony!

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Sony is being mean to Jason Kottke.

Joy of Pi to 32,000 digits.

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I have a book called “The Joy of Pi“. It’s a history of the number Pi. Fascinating little book for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that the book contains the first one million digits of pi. They’re printed everywhere. on the cover, the index pages, the back of the book. So now, and for no other reason than that it makes me happy, the first 32,000 digits of pi. And just think. all you have to do to beat Rajan Mahadevan’s world record is memorize all 32,000 of them. (click the link to see… not for the faint of connection speed)


Dog Day #1

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The Blue Dog lady, er, the lady from Blue Dog, is bringing “our” dog over today for a trial run. I really like the way they do it. If he doesn’t like it here, or if we feel that it’s not a good fit, then we get to keep looking, he goes back to his temporary home, and all is well. We’re hopeful, though. We liked him the other day, and the Blue Lady said that he’d be a tough one to see go. Here’s hoping he doesn’t take over the joint.

Word. Or, “My Left Foot”

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Lileks nails it again:

“On the other hand, asking a question about (*$@%(#$ noises in Word did get me a bazillion helpful letters, half of which displayed a weary tolerance of Windows that reminded me of someone explaining the advantages of not having a left leg. “You save on shoelaces, for example. It’s not a major savings, given that you do have to buy them at some point – unless they come with the shoe, which is likely – but since you’re not putting them on every day, but merely detaching the leg to which they are affixed, you’re less likely to snap them as often. Less strain. Or rather the same amount, stretched over a longer period. Unless of course you put a different shoe on your prosthetic leg every day, in which case the shoelace advantage is lost entirely. So there’s that, for starters. Alas, the suggested fixes didn’t fix the problem. But I have yet to read every letter. There’s hope.”

Except I’d say M.S. products are like an extra leg. Or another hole in the head.

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