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December 7, 2004

Dog Day

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I hadn’t realized how many of our friends got news from the site here until I didn’t post for a few days. Sorry, folks. The server has had the Christmas Flu the last week or so. Intermittent and grumpy.
Just wanted to update everyone on the dog. Short version: we don’t have him anymore. We kept him for 24 hours as part of the “loan-to-own” program that the wonderful Blue Dog Rescue group has. We enjoyed having the fellow around the house. He was smart and seemed very teachable, even though, at 40 lbs and 7 months, he was still in his puppy phase. In the end, we determined that a bigger dog is probably not what we want after all. It was a very hard decision, one that we didn’t make lightly, but it helped that we weren’t taking him back to the pound. Blue Dog is no-kill and they really strive for a good match between animal and owner. Did I say they were a great group?

We’ll probably scale back the search for awhile, but ultimately, I think we’ll go for a dog that doesn’t take Erin for a walk when she puts the leash on him. Kinda funny to see, actually.

Thanks for all the thoughts, emails, and calls. Scott and Bess: Pixel is still welcome to visit. 🙂

Dark Streak

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This is a bit weird. Don’t forget to click on the pic for a bigger view.


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Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It’s also Becky’s birthday (happy birthday Becky!).
Bit O’ Trivia: Today is also the 13th anniversary of my first date with my wonderful wife. Went to see Beauty and the Beast at the theater 13 years ago tonight. all together now: awwwww

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