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December 11, 2004

Woodworking Show!

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Erin and I went to the Dallas Woodworking Show today! Had an absolute blast. I was on a search for a good price on an 8″ jointer. Didn’t think they’d have one there, though, but it was a good excuse. I was right… they only had 6″ models, so I’ll have to get mine online.
In the mean time, we spent about 5 hours at the show. Saw TV’s David Marks. David is a woodworker extraordinaire who has hosted a show on DIYnet for years. He’s a very nice and unassuming guy. He took several minutes with us, signed a pair of wooden bookmarks, posed for pictures, and even handed us one of his stunning turned vases. We joked about the show and he was very gracious. Later on that day we walked by him as he sat listening to one of the conferences. He smiled and said “hey Jason and Erin”. Can’t get much better than that.
I “only” spent about $100 at the show, so I counted myself lucky. I need to save my money for the jointer. What I did get (mobile base for the jointer, jig stuff, T-track for drill press table, and a few other things), were things I was going to get anyway thru the Rockler catalog. I ended up buying from the Rockler booth, but because of show specials and other discounts, I ended up saving enough money to pay for the trip! Very exciting to come home with an armload of stuff and feel like it was money (and time) well spent.
Erin was a real joy to go with. She was game for trying out the different tools, and even spent some time behind a very nice Lie-Nielsen bench plane learning from the LN guy there. I tell ya, I was the envy of every man in the joint. Erin thought the show was a lot of fun and got a kick out of seeing all the old (and young) men with glazed looks in their eyes as they viewed the newest bit of woodworking tech.

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