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December 13, 2004


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I agree with Mark:

Check out Waterloo Records’ holiday gift card policy:
Have you received a gift certificate or card from Walmart, Borders, FYE, Barnes & Noble, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy or any other big box chain store that carries music or video? Do you prefer to shop locally or maybe you’d like something out of the ordinary that they just don’t carry? Bring it by Waterloo Records & Video and we’ll exchange it for the full amount on any merchandise we sell: CDs, DVD, gift items or anything else in the store! Support local business and let Waterloo help you get what you really want this year!

If you don’t know, Waterloo is an Austin institution. It’s the perfection of the Austin music scene distilled into a retail CD/DVD store. Good on them. I hope they get a lot of new business out of this.

Empty Shop

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Dang. Dru is going out of town for a few weeks. Now where will I get my weekly tool-addict fix? Come on, man, just post a little bit, please? heh.


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Wanna buy a Ship?

Pulled the Trigger

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After months of debating and comparison shopping, I finally pulled the trigger on an 8″ jointer tonight!
Now I just need a few stout friends to help me unload this 450lb beast when it arrives.

May the Blocks be with you

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A Star Wars Lego movie in 2005?

Aids news

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Great news this morning from Rutgers on the fight against Aids (via Speculist):

Researchers at Rutgers University in Piscataway, N.J., have developed a trio of drugs they believe can destroy HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, according to a medical journal report.
The drugs, called DAPYs, mimic the virus by changing shape, which enables them to interfere with the way HIV attacks the immune system.

The treatment is administered with one pill that has minimal side effects. It appears to inhibit reverse transcriptase thereby stopping the AIDS virus from being able to reproduce in the human body.

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