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December 17, 2004

Tivo Time

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How do you upgrade a Tivo? Two ways:

Option 1. Get an old Tivo box used. Become dissatisfied with the storage capacity after seeing too many unwatched shows disappear from the Now Playing list. Consider voiding the warranty by breaking open the box to drop in a bigger hard drive. Spend the hundred plus bucks on a bigger drive. Open Tivo. Pray. Repeat. At the end, have a three year old box that costs $150 more than a normal box but still operates on the old software.

Option 2. Take advantage of the $50 Tivo offer Patrick emails you (good until midnight). No, that’s not a $50 rebate, that’s the final price after rebates.

Just did #2, er, I mean, we just updated to a bigger Tivo for only $50. Merry Christmas to us.

Man, That Looks Fast

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The ATG Javelin civilian personal jet. Can you just imagine?
I so freaking want one.


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Well, I got a call from Overnite freight a few hours ago. The jointer is in town and ready to be delivered! In fact, it’s less than a mile away as, coincidentally, the Overnite freight terminal is less than a mile away at the back of our subdivision. Ironically, though, they can’t deliver it today because they don’t have a guy available to drive the truck the three thousand feet to our house. I can go and pick up the 2 boxes myself, but I need a bigger truck than my S-10 (one box is 100lbs and one is 350 and too big for the truck bed).
Oh, and even if I could get my neighbor to loan me his truck and his back for a few minutes, I couldn’t get it anyway because the two boxes are at the very front of the truck behind all the other stuff. Argh. I did go by and take a look at them and verify that the boxes were in good shape. They looked good.
Grizzly used to be known for slightly underpackaging their freight. My 1023S table saw arrived with some seriously busted cast iron a couple of years ago and had to be sent back. They’ve since learned- the jointer bed is packed very securely in a long wooden box. There’s a minor dent in the box, but I doubt it caused any problems.
So I wait until Monday. Dangitall. Ah well, I hadn’t really expected it to arrive in four days. I’m rather impressed that it did. Ironically, the smaller pieces that I ordered (the dust shroud and a straight-edge) were much lighter, but are still in Kansas City somewhere.

Orange You Glad?

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This is cool (site is in Japanese, but the pics are self-explanatory, and amazing)

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