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December 20, 2004

Jointer Work

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I’d love to post pictures and a writeup of my Jointer Assembly Day, but unfortunately 14 hours in the garage have rendered my fingers into a soft and meaty consistency. I’m typing this with a pencil held between my teeth. Plus I’m just beat. I still have a little bit of work to do on the jointer (who knew these machines take so long to set up?!?
Anyway, I’ll do a writeup tomorrow.

The New Jointer is Here!

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The new jointer just arrived. I helped the driver get this beast off the truck. There was a small hole in the wooden box, but I think the only thing that slipped out was the manual, ironically. I’m printing a new one from online. Grizzly is really good about replacing things lost/damaged in shipping, as I found out when they replaced my entire busted table saw.
I’ll spend a while in the shop going through the parts and verifying, then start the assembly. I can already see a trip to Lowes in my future. The cord on the jointer is 80″, and my only 220v outlet is on the other side of the table saw… 82″ away.
Got to assemble the mobile base, too.
Pictures in the next day or so!

Scary Santa

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These are hilarious.

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