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December 24, 2004


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Erin and I rented “I, Robot” the other day, and thanks to the miracle of Handbrake I just got finished watching it for a second time. Very entertaining flick with some of the best CGI I’ve seen since LOTR. The movie got unnecessarily spanked for not adhering to Asimov’s story “closely enough”. I’ll bet that unless you have read the books you don’t know that his first I, Robot book was a series of short stories. He continued the theme in later books (and wrapped up some intriguing loose ends in his “later” stories (heh), but the first book was mainly an exploration of the interpretation of the Three Laws. Fascinating stuff, but it would make a boring movie.

I think the moviemakers did a fantastic job of capturing much of the spirit of Asimov’s work. I understand that much on the written page cannot make it to the screen, and I accept the sacrifices the filmmakers made. If you’re in the mood for a great science fiction action flick, give it a look.

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