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December 30, 2004

GOODBYE (If you can even read this)

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I want to issue a sincere apology to anyone who has been trying to access thebigthink the last few weeks. Unfortunately, the plague of comment spammers, coupled with the fact that thebigthink is hosted on a Movable Type version that’s is several years out of date, has effectively shut down almost all traffic to my blog. If you can even access the page, you know that it’s a hit or miss proposition. I estimate that I can load the page only 30% of the time because the database is constantly rebuilding as a result of incessant spam comments. I counted a few months ago before the problem got really bad and came up with 900 spam comments- in one day… this machine is really infected). Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to change the situation as it’s hosted for free on a friend’s machine and he has full-time job and family responsibilities. I imagine that once he carves out a hole in his schedule, the problem may go away, but that may not be for awhile.

You may know that I was in the habit of making as many as 10-15 posts on some days. I tried to build traffic by having something interesting to say, and I endeavored to keep the material fairly fresh- obeying the blogging rule of “keep the new stuff coming”. I was proud when I passed 10 readers per day, then 20, then 30, then 40. I was on my way to a thousand hits per month-hey, it’s not much compared to some people, but if 1000 pairs of eyes want to read what I write every month, I’ll take it. December was going to be that month, but the inability of the swamped server to respond has effectively trained all my old readers to not even try. I’ve seen a drastic dropoff in hits as people just assume that thebigthink is gone for good. As the server problems have gotten worse, my ability to post has decreased dramatically. Sometimes I have had to sit at my computer hitting “post” for 10 or 20 minutes until the server responds, and I have better things to do with my time.

I have really enjoyed blogging the past year of my life. It’s been a great creative outlet, it’s kept me in touch with family and friends, it’s helped me refine my writing, and it has acted as a sort of time capsule for my thoughts. I’d say that looking back at old posts has been entertaining, but the state of the hosting machine keeps me from even doing that.


I’m sad to say that this will be my last post for awhile. If the server stays in its current state, it may be my last post ever. I am far too busy to put up with the daily frustration this has caused me for the last few months. Bummer

If you manage to get through to see this and have any comments, please email me directly at jasony (at my mac d0t com address). Until then, the only things that will benefit from my blog are be the google pageranks of the $&%! viagra, poker, and cialis sites. Glad I could help you. Losers.

By the way, I had to hit “post” six times before it took)


Acme Catalog

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Ever wonder where the Coyote got his Anvils? Or where Marvin the Martian got his Plutonium 238? Why, from the Acme Catalog, of course!

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