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January 24, 2005

How to Switch

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If you’re not doing a lot of processor intensive stuff (editing and transcoding media), or developing Windows code (and thus need the appropriate development environment), the Mini is a box that’ll do pretty much everything most people use a computer to do.  If you’re one of the switchers this box is aimed at, then toss a $20 KVM switch in your cart, and you can switch back and forth as necessary.  For that matter, you can just hook both boxes to the network and run the XP box with remote desktop connection (yes, there’s a free OS X client).

Do yourself a favor, though and give it a fair chance—having switched environments more than a few times over the years, my rule of thumb is to resist the urge to go back to the old machine every time I can’t figure out how to do something.  Make yourself spend 30 days on OS X, and figure out how to do whatever it is you need to do.

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