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May 13, 2005

Explorer Who?

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Microsoft’s Share of the U.S. Browser Market Has Slipped Below 90 Percent With Firefox’s Growth

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Benefits of the job: Today I received in the mail an 11×17 photo of one of the groups I work with, framed, signed by the 120 or so members, and accompanied by a very nice thank-you note. I love my job.

The Noble Age of Bravery

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Diana West has a short but moving Op-Ed in today’s Washington Times.


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Cool! Robert is going to the Byron Nelson.


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Speaking of synths this morning, this page has the complete story of the legendary Elhardt Sage Analog Synth fraud way back in 2000. Complete with very believable photoshopped images of a keyboard that never existed.

Power to the People

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Engadget this morning reports that this company is getting ready to reveal a tritium powered battery. Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen, will supposedly enable batteries that last much, much, MUCH longer than standard batteries: up to 20 years.

The only reason I post this is that a few days ago I was thinking of my ancient Roland Alpha Juno keyboard:


It’s precambrian when it comes to keyboards: no touch sensitivity and the Midi port uses CPMC (carrier-pigeon-and-morse-code protocol). I bought it in 1986 for $680 and have used it on and off since then. The amazing thing to me is that it still has the original internal battery. They recommend replacing it every 4-5 years, but that sucker is going on 20 years! Tritium? Who needs it…

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