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May 26, 2005

Sorry for the Server Outages

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The “service” Time-Warner purports to deliver is really starting to tick me off. My traffic, which I had worked to increase to 1000 hits per month, has started to taper off again as the site has become less and less reachable.

It seems Time-Warner’s Road Runner service is only working about half the time at Giles’ place. Since he (graciously) hosts this blog on his server there, that means we can only access it when it decides to work. We haven’t been able to identify the problem, and Giles is considering a rather dramatic switch, but there’s no word on when yet as he’s pretty busy at work.

Until then, I just have to say I’m sorry to everyone who gets a busy signal. I tend to get them about 50% of the time, and it’s downright aggravating when I try and make a new post. Sometimes I have to make the attempt a half-dozen times before it goes through. Like now. Argh.

I don’t want to curtail my posting… I really don’t. But if I can’t post and you can’t read it, there’s not much reason for either of us to be here, no?

Sorry to vent, but I’m back to feeling helpless. Stupid Road Runner.

(oh great… when I tried to post this, MarsEdit showed that it posted, but it never showed up on the Blog. this is getting silly)

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