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August 10, 2005


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Good news is springing out all over. First of all, we’re back from our trip and I’m back to blogging, so put down the sharp objects, Tim and Katherine. And oh yeah, thanks for lumping him in with His Greatness. I’m humbled.

Our trip was a raging success. I dropped off another half-dozen copies of the DVD, picked up a check (drinks on me!), and we trod off for a very wet three days in the wilderness. We managed to hike to the campsite and get set up before the rains came, but then it was almost a solid 24 hours of downpour. Lots of cards, Uno, and reading in the tent. It think I only ventured out a couple of times. Erin took tons of very misty, cloudy (and wet) pictures I’ll have to post. Luckily, when we broke camp on day three the rain had let up, so we were under nylon for the worst of it. Unfortunately, I pulled my left hamstring right as we got back to the car. Better then than on the way up, I guess.

We then spent a great 5 days in Estes Park with Anne and her family and Anne’s great boyfriend David. Lots of games, shopping, and eating for all, and lots of hiking for them (none for me due to the hamstring). Then a two day, thousand mile trip back and here we are! Total trip mileage was 2367.7. Can’t believe we’ve put 26,000 miles on the “new” Honda in just over a year.

Erin and I were talking in the car on the way home about how life and the world go by when you’re on vacation. Who knew that Peter Jennings would be gone when we got back? Shuttle returned safely, thank goodness. Who knows what other news waits for my morning read? Oh, and what’s with the dang price of gas?!?! I thought it was just ridiculous mountain town extortion, but it’s no better here. $2.40 a gallon?!? Yeowch.

Other good news: Giles, late back from Florida, has a new DSL connection. It appears that he may have the speed/connectivity issues resolved. Caloo, callay! Fingers crossed, and I’ll buy him a black and tan if it’s true. I should probably buy him one anyway since he’s been so good about hosting. *(dang, just tried to post this and got no response. Can’t reach the site now. KHAAAAAAN!!!!)*

Our connection here with Cox has gotten worse, however. Emails only send after timing out the first try (60 seconds). Then they send fine. Surfing is fine, though. Might be on my end, as the high-school dropout no-customer-service guy suggested. I am… displeased… with the idea of spending $100 on a new router/modem only to discover it’s on their end. That $14.95 and three months of free DSL through SBC is looking better and better, especially given how little Cox seems to want to help customers.

Erin, bless her, is off to Houston tomorrow (more driving!). I’ll be home catching up on work, cleaning, mowing, and shopping for her return, whence we become hosts to her Aunt and Uncle and their daughter for a week. Can’t wait to show them the new Whole Foods.

Off to unpack, do laundry, and gaze in wonder at The Jungle That Ate Our Backyard. Did it rain here?

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