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August 14, 2005


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Hillbilly Fun. Just, wow.

Working for The Man

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From an online book review of this book:

Buckminster Fuller, contemplating suicide at 32, stood on the edge of Lake Michigan asking himself: “Do I know best, or does God know best whether I may be of value to the universe?” The answer that presented itself to him, the mere fact of his existence, proved to him that he had some purpose of being. As a result, he spent the next fifty-six years living a daVincean life. [Author] Barbara Winters asks us to find our own passions and make them our jobs. How, then, can we go wrong?


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What’s the OS choice of supervillians? Click here to find out. (shockwave)

The Horror

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The trumpet blooper page. While I’ve worked with some guys that sound like this in the past, I’m happy to say my pit band now it top-notch thanks to my fine trumpeters Rob and Tim.

Go Go Gadget Car

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The 250 MPG Hybrid.

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