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August 15, 2005

I Forget

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Does age really affect memory? Recent scientific studies say no.

A Ringing in your Earth

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The London Telegraph is reporting that, in the early 1990’s the Earth was hit by a pair of superheavy particles.

From the story:

Strangelets – sometimes also called strange-quark nuggets – are predicted to have many unusual properties, including a density about ten million million times greater than lead. Just a single pollen-size fragment is believed to weigh several tons.

Very cool as these particles have only been observed in the lab (in supercolliders) and have only been theorized in the wild. What a strange(let) universe we live in.

Current Reading

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Currently reading Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. It’s the much anticipated third book in his Chasm City universe saga. All three books clock in at over 2000 pages. What a fun read. Somewhere between hard SF and so-called “soft” SF. Really wild ideas and characterizations. I’ve been looking for this book in paperback for over a year and finally found it at the little bookstore in Estes Park last week.
Dang it, I shouldn’t read the online reviews of a book before I read the book itself. Seems lots of people didn’t feel this was a very good book. Heck, I’m enjoying it, so stuff ’em.

Comment Spam Returns!

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It looks like one of the happy benefits of the erratic server this site is hosted on (which was, incidentally, finally traced down to a bad router) is that comment spammers have been leaving me alone. No longer! In the last two days I’ve deleted about 20 comment spams. I have to do some research, but I may start requiring a very simple registration for viewers to leave comments. I don’t know what it’ll be as I have very little experience with this. In the mean time I’ll just polish up my spam sniper rifle and stay alert. I definitely DON’T want the same thing to happen to this W-P install that happened to the old Movable Type install. I had over 20,000 comment spams at some point.
May spammers rot in the hot place.

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