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August 23, 2005

Sitemeter Reversal

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Woo hoo! Looks like the fixes Giles made to the server have been bearing fruit. My Sitemeter stats are on the upswing.
I don’t know why it’s so addictive to keep track, but I go there a few times a week. I guess that, next to comments, page hits are the next best evidence that somebody out there is reading.


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Robert links today to a very good article about a “reverse-confessional” at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

“They may very well burn it down,” Nadine said.
“I will build a trapdoor,” Mitch said
“I don’t want anything to do with it,” Penny said.
“Neither do I,” I told her.
“Okay, you guys.” Tony gathered everybody’s attention. “Here’s the catch.” He leaned in a little. “We are not actually going to accept confessions.” We all looked at him in confusion.
He continued, “We are going to confess to them. We are going to confess that, as followers of Jesus, we have not been very loving; we have been bitter, and for that we are sorry. We will apologize for the Crusades, we will apologize for televangelists, we will apologize for neglecting the poor and the lonely, we will ask them to forgive us, and we will tell them that in our selfishness, we have misrepresented Jesus on this campus. We will tell people who come into the booth that Jesus loves them.”

And I would have to add apologizing for people like Pat Robertson.

and in an interview following the story, the reverse-confessional author says:

“I attended the Dove Awards recently and was brokenhearted. I saw all these beautiful Christians, wonderful people, with this wonderful, revolutionary message of Jesus, who, instead of saying, “Look, fashion doesn’t matter, hip doesn’t matter,” were saying “World, please accept us, we can be just as hip as you, just as fashionable, only in a religious way.”

worth a read.


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Don’t miss engadget’s “gadgets of 1985 page“. It’s hilariously done up like a repost of an original page circa 85.

Pat’s New Homepage

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Ben’s Bargains is an incredible roundup of current deals and coupons. Lots of stuff.

iPod Envy

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This is why I’d love to get an iPod. It’d be great to be able to listen to podcasts on the road.

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