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August 29, 2005

Life Expectancy Calculator

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How long will you live? Take this simple test to find out. I’m happy to report that my life expectancy with my entries is over 84 years. And that’s with current medical technology. It’ll invariably improve over the coming decades, some say dramatically.
I remember the turn of the century a few years ago. I remember thinking “I’d sure like to see the year 2100”. Still feel that way. Hey, I’d only be 130.

Anna Who?

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Katherine goes off this morning:

Common wisdom seems to hold Entertainment Fiction in a hermetically-sealed, seperate bag from Literate Fiction, with the twain not only never meeting but (judging from many pieces of Literate Fiction I’ve read) not even cross-pollinating. If you read it in the airport or at the beach it isn’t a Truly Good Book. Anyone who knows me for more than five minutes is usually treated to a tirade about how this is so very wrong and very elitist and Anna Karenina sucks.

While I’ve never read Anna Karenina, I’ve noticed the same elitist attitude. I’ve always been proud to say I’m reading a “real” work of literature, but sometimes feel like some of my reading (s.f. in particular) should come with a brown paper wrapper. I mean, Asimov? Get serious, kid! In high school I would purposely look in the library for the hardback version of a science fiction book bound with the plastic-coated cover. I’d carefully remove the cover (sorry librarians), just so my friends wouldn’t see the inevitable Busty Sci-Fi Babe. I still remember when a teacher made public fun of me for reading Heinlein’s classic Stranger in a Strange Land. He couldn’t see past the racy cover to the award-winning story inside. I’ve reserved a special bit ‘o bile for S.F. cover artists ever since. Not every reader is a horny 13-year-old.

Often today’s ‘disposable’ book is the classic of tomorrow. Only the most pretentious say otherwise. Unfortunately, this very vocal minority has cowed the rest of us into shamed silence.

Food Fun

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Fun flickr photos. Don’t miss the captions. Oh, and look on the right side of the page for the “next” button.

The Real Iraqi Resistance

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Hilarious video (.wmv file)

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