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October 1, 2005

Comment Spam

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I’m getting a little bit tougher on comments spammers, but I still am not willing to shut off comments altogether. I’ve started using the blacklist feature of WordPress. If a comment contains any of the blacklisted words it will automatically be nuked when it’s submitted. I won’t even see it to moderate.

So far my list of blacklisted words is fairly short. I don’t want to go overboard about it, but I’ve listed the most common words that have come up in spam comments recently. They are:

phenteramine Loan viagra casino phentermine loan Phentermine

I’m sure other misspellings will get through, but this will probably cut down on comments spams for the time being. I doubt many legitimate comments will contain “phentermine”, but some might use “loan” in a legit context. Sorry about that, but you’ll have to be more creative in your word choice.

Oh, and some of my more clever (or is it witty?) readers can go ahead and post cute comments about “Phent3rmine” and “L0anz” but remember, it’s only funny if it’s unexpected. Otherwise it’s just banal.

You know who you are. 🙂

Broadband Blog

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Just found a great online blog on all things broadband.


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According to this article, broadband users, and “Technology Optimists” watch fewer hours of TV than non-broadband users. I know this is true. I used to say “I’d give up my TV before I’d give up my broadband. Turns out this was prescient.

The internet is closer to reading a book than passively watching a TV show. Sure, there are lots of useless things to do on the internet, but most of the time I find myself learning something or broadening one of my horizons. Sure, you can do this with TV, but honestly, how often do you just watch junk? Even the “good” junk?


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Wow, this is amazing. Google has made a bid to the city of San Francisco to provide city-wide 300kbps internet access…. for free. What makes it even more exciting is that they have bought up a ton of dark fiber over the last few years- supposedly enough to do this everywhere. What starts in San Francisco…

…the network bid was in line with Google’s thinking on delivering answers anytime anywhere to anyone…

Game Night

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Joy: Five uninterrupted hours of PS2 gaming with my friend Jan.
More Joy: splitting a 1 pound bag of peanut M&M’s.
Not-so-joyful: the aftermath of splitting a 1 pound bag of peanut M&M’s. mmmmuuuuuhhhhhg.

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