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October 3, 2005

Rate This

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Ratemyprofessors, the online site that allows college students to publicly (and anonymously) rate their prof’s teaching, is given a good writeup over at Wired. I’ve always liked the idea of being able to see what a prof is like before you agree to take their class. This is just an online version of what goes on at colleges anyway. I can remember talking to friends about a prof when deciding whether or not to take their class.

I find it ironic that some college professors, who are often the one to scream the loudest about the right to free speech, are the ones who are trying to sue this site into oblivion. It seems they don’t like being graded on a curve.


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For all those who still think editing doesn’t contribute much to our perception of a film, here’s a new trailer for West Side Story that makes it look like a horror flick, and one for The Shining that turns it into a romantic comedy.

Giant Loofah

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Cassini has sent back pictures of Saturn’s moon Hyperion. Kinda creepy, actually.


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Erin’s uncle David passed away early this morning. He had been battling cancer that had metastasized everywhere about six months ago. Fortunately, Erin happened to be in Houston this past weekend and was able to visit him to say goodbye. He died at his home.

We’ll be going down to Houston for the funeral sometime this week.

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