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October 14, 2005

Like Gary Cooper…

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SuperDuper is an automatic daily hard drive cloner. Looks like a nice ‘set it and forget it’ auto backup utility for OS X.

Gmail Tip

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Here’s a neat tip I just stumbled across. If you have a Mac or if your PC Mail program can execute rules, set up a rule to automatically forward all of your email to a free gmail account. That way you have a searchable backup in case your hard drive crashes, and you can access all your emails from any computer in the world.

Audio Dream

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Warning: total geekitude here. Unapologetic. I may be in love.


Tascam has introduced the HDP2. It’s a Compact Flash based audio recorder specifically for the indie film industry. It records up to 192khz at 24 bits and does it without the transport noise or the reliability issues associated with DAT tape (and if you’ve never had a critical DAT tape get shredded during a live performance, you know how important that is). Plus it syncs with SMPTE timecode. It saves in native WAV format, has data loss protection, and syncs with PC/Mac via firewire. What else? Oh yes, phantom power, peak limiting, S/PDIF (prounouced “espidif”), built-in mic and speaker, and runs for over 5 hours on AA batteries (I’m sure there’s an optional power cord and larger battery packs). It clocks in at under a grand.

The great thing about the timecode function is that it’ll make audio MUCH easier to sync in post production. I’ve got a slew of TASCAM studio hardware (CD-A500, DA-38, DA-30MkII) and it’s all been very solid and reliable (the DAT deck needs a serious professional cleaning, though). TASCAM builds good stuff.

I’ve been contemplating the purchase of a really nice microphone and boom pole (follow the link to see one of us Scary Audio People). I’m tired of having to rent when I go out on a gig- I never know when I’m going to get a bum mic.

If the HDP2 gets good real-world reviews, I could definitely be talked into it. What I really hope it has is the ability to output its audio stream in realtime to another device, like a big stand-alone firewire hard drive. It wouldn’t take long to fill up even the largest CF card at 192/24. If I’m doing the math right, that quality of mono audio would fill a 1gb CF card in only… dang, can’t find a calculator online. Well, it’s big. At 5mb/minute at 44/16 a 1gb card would last a little over 3 hours. Not long enough for a full day of shooting. (however, a $300 CF card would hold 12 hours of mono audio at 44/16… still a little close for comfort)

Still, maybe this will drive the market for CF cards further. This is just totally, totally excellent.

iPod Analysis

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An interesting analysis of the new vPod. The author makes a good case for Apple wanting to drive Torrent traffic in the short term to convince content providers to lower their prices in the long term. The more I think about it, the more I agree with Sean: I’d like to see cheaper versions, or even multiple versions, including a free version with commercials.

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