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October 15, 2005

Cox Cable Modem Slow Speeds

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The title is so a google search will turn this post up. We’ve been having some real speed issues on our cable modem the last few weeks, and so far Cox has shown very little desire to deal with the issue. So by way of tracking performance I’ll be occasionally posting how fast (slow, really) our service is.

Performed multiple tests tonight using three different testing services (speakeasy, toast, and bandwidthplace). Speakeasy’s reported speed was 189kbps, Toast showed 619kbps, and Bandwidthplace showed 767.3.

According to Cox we are paying for “up to” 4000kbps (not guaranteed). The techs there say that we should easily see 2000kbps.

Not at all impressed with what Cox is giving us for $50/month, especially when SBC DSL is $15/month.

Is it too much to ask for reliable service for a decent price? How about reliable service for an indecent price? Apparently, if you’re a Cox customer, that’s too much to ask.

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