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November 3, 2005


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I don’t know why anyone would want to be President. Power without freedom. You could never again just walk around, go shopping, wander through the grocery store, take your kid to the rides at the Mall. The wallet, the keys, the comforting heft of a Zippo – these are the items that let you know you’re free. The only people with nothing in their pockets are Presidents and prisoners.

James Lileks

Shop Time

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Got a bit of shop time in today. I wired up and Xtensionized the last of six double-bulb ceiling florescent lights. They are all controlled with a single wireless switch that routes the signal through the home automation computer.

You have to wear sunblock in my garage.

I ordered a couple of Timberwolf bandsaw blades: one general purpose and one specialty resaw blade. Super-cheap blades (that don’t last more than a few cuts) are about $6 each. Normal “Home Depot quality” blades are about twice that, and the Timberwolf blades, which are supposed to cut far better and last much, much longer, are only $6 more. Since an $18 bandsaw blade is cheaper than a couple of messed up cuts on an expensive piece of wood, I opted for the Timberwolf. The same logic led me to buy a single really nice tablesaw blade. Haven’t regretted it for a nanosecond.

Speaking of the new bandsaw, it has taken over the floor space that the Robomower previously occupied. Since I don’t want to banish the mower to the damp shed, I decided to rebuild my work table so it could park underneath. I took a few hours to disassemble the table (thank goodness I used screws and not nails), and I managed to raise the lower shelf about four inches. This shrinks the interior storage space somewhat, but there’s not much there anyway. Now the yard zamboni can park out of the way in its new cocoon.

In doing this I also realized that the mower’s replacement battery pack contains a couple of standard lead-acid deep cycle batteries (heavy suckers). Instead of spending $140 on the official USRobotics battery pack, I think I’ll be able to procure the guts from the battery store for a fraction of the price. Thanks to a sharp screwdriver and a willingness to tinker I’ll save $75+ when lawn season starts up again.

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