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November 11, 2005

Sorry Sony

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I won’t be buying any more of your CD’s until you stop this ridiculousness.

Veteran’s Day

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Happy Vet’s Day, and if you wear the uniform, a sincere and heartfelt thank you (our flag is flying today).

Robert points to an article today about the last few veterans of WWI.

Calvin and Hobbes

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A great visual essay on the cartoon that was with me and my roommate through much of college.
If you have a spare $150 you’d like to blow on a certain blogger, I know a good give this Christmas. Whoa! Amazon has it for only $94!


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Cool online ad for the PSP. Sean?

Here’s a Stone in Your Eye

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Archeologists have found a shard of pottery dating to biblical times that has the name “goliath” on it. Not proof, per se, but interesting. story here.

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