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November 17, 2005

New Project

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Erin needs a book case for her hundreds of piano music books. Naturally, I volunteered to make it. I’ve spent a few days designing the look, determining the dimensions, and making sketches. We had settled on a design and I drew one end of it out in full scale on a large piece of brown wrapping paper. I had to go in and change a few things as some design errors crept in (glad I did the full scale version first.
The book case will be an Arts and Crafts inspired piece (but without doors) roughly 30″ tall, 47″ wide, and 13″ deep. Made out of solid quartersawn oak. I’m going to use the new bandsaw to bookmatch panels for the floating-panel sides. Plus, I’m including a few A&C details like ebony/wenge square pegs. Should be very nice.

Can’t wait to work on it. We’re off to the lumberyard tomorrow (after Harry Potter).


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The full story behind the seminal ad. Interesting fact:

“Apple spent more than $2.5 million to buy all 40 pages of advertising in a special 1984 election issue of Newsweek magazine. At the time, John Sculley remarked, “It’s unclear whether Apple has an advertising insert in Newsweek or whether Newsweek has an insert in an Apple brochure.”

Say Bye To .99 Pricing

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Slashdot is reporting that Apple’s iTunes Music Store will go to staggered pricing next year.

…flat fee pricing will end within the next 12 months, and more popular songs will be priced higher than 99c, while lesser known acts will be priced lower than .99.


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Because, in the end, being an entrepreneur is more than ever the way you can choose your path and find the deep satisfaction of walking it.
You can earn your days without being beholden. You can make something, affect the world, leave something behind where once nothing stood. You can turn work into meaning for yourself and for others.
You can be proud.
You can leave a wake.
Come good or ill, you can assume responsibility for yourself, and be whole, and be who you were meant to be.

Entrepreneur magazine


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X-rays of a sword swallower in action. NOT for the squeamish.

Killer Rabbit

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“It’s just a model”… “Shhh… be quiet!”

How about a Python killer rabbit under the tree this year?

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