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November 19, 2005

Harry Potter

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I’ve posted a long comment on the new Harry Potter over at Katherine’s blog, so I won’t be redundant here. But I would like to point out another reason why theaters are losing money. When the movie ended and the credits stared to roll, the employees over at the Austin Tinseltown turned on the overhead florescent lights and immediately started to clean up the theater.

Now, I realize that Goblet of Fire is a popular movie, and I know that they’re trying to get the place ready for the next batch of viewers, but the movie is not over until the credits are done. Some viewers like to sit and watch the credits and “come down” from a movie by listening to the final soundtrack. What we don’t want is to be jarringly forced out of our suspension of disbelief by 5000 watts of overhead florescents and a high school kid with a bag of stinky garbage pushing past our legs.

They seemed a bit irritated when I asked them to please turn the light off until the movie was over. I was going to bring it up with the manager, but why bother? Between the 20 minutes of advertising and the two crying infants in the theater, it’s obvious that this is an industry that no longer values its customers.

Note to theaters: here’s a list of movies we want to see but will avoid the theaters because of stuff like this:

Wallace and Gromit
King Kong
Everything is Illuminated
March of the Penguins

We’re not avid moviegoers, but this list alone represents almost $100 of lost revenue for the theaters. Why go be subjected to the ads, the rude people, the high prices, and the turning-on-of-the-lights (GLAvin!) when we can wait a few months and rent the DVD’s for .99 at Albertsons? An oh yeah, we get extra features, commentaries, and the ability to pause the movie at home. Like Katherine, I really hope that the theater industry can fix what’s wrong with themselves, but until then it’ll take a rare movie indeed to get us to the theater.

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