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November 22, 2005

Star Finding

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Tonight Erin and I used the cool program Stellarium (thanks Giles!) to go star hunting. She took a few things out to the trash can and made the comment that she could see Orion and what she thought was Mars, so I fired up the program and we went out to the driveway. Now, we’re in light polluted suburbia, and there’s a streetlamp right across the street, but we did pick out several stars, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and a few Messier objects. It was really neat to look at the Powerbook’s screen, find a star, and then look at the sky and locate it. Then click on the star on and find out stuff about it. (distance, name, constellation, etc). Makes me want to find somewhere dark and go star hunting.

Space Cadet

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This article just begs me to ask the question: are some people really dumb enough to fall for this, or just reality TV watchers/participants?

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