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November 23, 2005

Router 2.0

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I may have busted my woodworking router tonight. I have a Dewalt 621 router in my router table. It was working fine the last time I used it (sometime last May before the summer heat hit). I went to use it tonight and it started acting really weird.

It started normally when I hit the router table’s ON switch, but as soon as I put it under load it shut down. I was using a sprial upcut bit to make a test groove in a piece of QS oak. I was taking a 3/8″ deep cut. I’ve taken this big of a cut before and the router always behaves okay. I backed off the depth and took only a 1/8″ or so cut. Same thing. Whenever I put the router under anything but the lightest load it shuts down. Weird.

If I reach under the table and jiggle the finger switch (with the table’s switch still ON), the router will spring to life again. I’m going to have to take the router apart, blow out the dust, and look at the switch. I might have to replace the switch altogether. If this doesn’t work I might be looking at another router. I like this one, but I really like my current router and would rather spend the money elsewhere (or not spend it at all, actually). Bummer.

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