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November 25, 2005


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Got another 3 hours in on the bookcase today. Total time is around 13 hours so far and I’ve almost finished the sides. The bookmatched solid quartersawn (QS) oak floating panels are very nice and the sides are surprisingly solid. It’s beginning to look like real fine furniture! I planed the floating panels down to proper thickness today, checking them constantly with my calipers to make sure I didn’t take off too much. I made a slight mistake with the alignment of the tenons so I have to address that in the next step. Nothing too bad. Then the sides get assembled.

I also decided tonight that I am going to add another level of complexity and incorporate half-lap dovetails in the face-frame. I’ve never done them before and they involve cutting into my beautiful side panels- and being VERY exacting when I do it. They don’t look too difficult to achieve, though you’ll hear from me if I mess them up.

Tomorrow: sanding. Yuk. Then it’s on to the plywood cutting. I’m still thiiiis close to using QS oak for the shelves. The rest of the wood is so nice that the idea of using mere plainsawn plywood offends me. I’d still use ply for the back, but I’ve got a piece with knock-your-eyes-out grain, so that’s okay.

Oh yeah, I also decided to add some elongated corbels, and Erin picked out a nice 2x2x10″ piece of ebony today for the details.


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