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December 19, 2005


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UCLA completes a groundbreaking study (funded by the staff’s own salaries to avoid external taint as much as possible) on the left/right balance of the current media. Good stuff.

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  1. >”If viewers spent an equal amount of time
    > watching Fox’s ‘Special Report’ as ABC’s
    >’World News’ and NBC’s ‘Nightly News,’ then
    > they would receive a nearly perfectly
    > balanced version of the news”

    wow!! what a conclusion! balanced only in the least important way, though. the *real* media bias is sensationalism. if it bleeds, it leads, as they say. so in the clinton era they focused on scandals, not because they were conservative but because they were sensational; now they focus on the bloodiest aspects of iraq for the same reason.

    Comment by barry — December 21, 2005 @ 7:35 am

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