The Big Think

February 1, 2006


Filed under: Woodworking — jasony @ 11:59 pm

More prop work today. It’s been great to have the charts done and get some really good time in the shop. I spent about 10 hours on it today and I’m having a blast. The thing is huge and complicated, but it’s turning out beautifully. Unfortunately, I opened the garage door to make a run to Home Depot and it knocked the thing over and onto the table saw. The good news is that it’s built so solidly (using dozens of bolts, washers, and laminated wood parts) that only one part broke. It’s easily repaired.

I made many small duplicate parts for the thing today with my pneumatic nailer. I love that tool. Best money spent on a tool, no question.

I’ll post a picture when I leave for the show (on the 11th). I figure by then if any student sees the blog they’ll know already anyway. Not that many students read this.

*update* Checking the logs it seems someone from does indeed check in here. I wonder who it is? Maybe I’ll have Erin post the entry once the show is underway.

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