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February 3, 2006

The Big Prop, She Is Done

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It’s finished! It was initially too tall to stand up in my garage (9′ ceiling). I had to lop off a couple inches on one part in order to get it to fit. Tis a beautiful thing. I’ll just keep teasing you for another week until I post pictures. The group is coming down tomorrow to pick it up and they’re bringing a large U-haul truck.

The worst part of today was when I was dragging a tall piece across the floor and inadvertently caught the wires hanging from the garage door opener. Ripped them right out of the back of the unit. I had to spend a frustrating 90 minutes trying to figure out how to rewire the thing (a job that was made harder by the fact that I didn’t have a manual and the original installer didn’t follow the correct wire color coding sequence! Grr… Anyway, the thing works now and the wires are mounted in a much better place.

I spent about 9 hours finishing up the prop today. I don’t know how much time I have in it total, but it’s probably about 30 hours. I’ve had a blast making it. I’ve looked forward each morning to long stretches of time in the shop and go to bed each night with my brain going full tilt trying to solve some problem or other in the design. This project has been an exercise in solving one problem right after the other and has definitely stretched me. Erin came home today and saw it fully assembled and just said “I can’t believe you made that!”. Made me smile.

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