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February 4, 2006


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Alrighty, then. It’s about time! I’ve been tagged.

Four places I’ve lived:
Pleasanton, California
Plano, Texas
Pflugerville, Texas
Waco, Tx
(four p’s and a w)

Four jobs I’ve had:
Ice cream scooper for Baskin Robbins
Professional whitewater rafting/wilderness guide
Black-Tie club pianistSelf Employed arranger/composer

Four movies I can watch over and over

My tolerance for repeating books or movies has gone down significantly, but the movies I pull out most often are probably:

Anything Pixar
Lord of the Rings (three movies but I’ll count them as one)
Henry V (just because I’m feeling pretentious)

Four contemporary authors that I read everything they publish

David Brin
Orson Scott Card
Asimov (okay, he’s not exactly contemporary, but still a classic)
Richard Preston

Four current TV shows I love:

Since we dumped our TV 9 months ago I haven’t watched much, but I still love:

Fraser (Erin’s working through the 4th season DVD set I got her for Christmas)
Babylon 5
Stargate (sensing a sci fi theme here?)

Four places I’ve visited/vacationed:

Seattle/Vancouver/Victoria (honeymoon)
Williamsburg, VA
Washington DC
Buena Vista, CO

Four of my favorite dishes:

king ranch casserole
my homemade chicken soup
grilled salmon with couscous that Erin makes

Four sites I visit daily:
LileksKatherine’sdiggMakezineFour places I would rather be right now:

in my shop

Who do I tag?

Hmmm… Katherine already tagged me and I can’t tag Patrick since she tagged him already. How about we see if Barry, Sean, Giles, or Robert respond?

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