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February 26, 2006

And the Winner Is!…..

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I’m back from the show! Two weeks, hours of rehearsals, and five shows (4.5 hours long each) and it’s finally over. The end result: five of the six people’s choice awards went to my groups (including Best Music), and seven of the eight winners who will go on to perform at Pigskin Review in November were my arrangements! I’ve never had that high of a representation in Pigskin and I’m very, very pleased with the results. My acts placed second through eighth. It was an extremely close race this year. Going in to the second weekend the top four acts were separated by less than one point and the top twelve by less than five points so you’ve really got to hand it to the group that placed first (KOT). Nice job, guys!

There were so many great moments this year, including when the first act was announced for Pigskin. Sing Alliance made it to the next show- something that hasn’t happened for almost 10 years. I’m very proud of them and the rest of the competing organizations were extremely happy for them as well. That was great to see. The ferris wheel was actually sabotaged on five separate occasions. Someone got into the unlocked prop room and snipped the lights that had been attached to the rim of the wheel. The prop room, stupidly, remained unlocked even after it kept happening. But the group that owned the prop didn’t let the vandals stop them. They kept coming in to repair the lights every day and kept working hard on their act. They were rewarded with second place. I personally think that they deserved first but I’m admittedly biased!

Lots of laundry to do and sleep to catch up on, then some well-deserved time in the shop. Plus, I’m back to blogging!

By the way, one of my favorite things about being gone for so long is that I get to come back and do lots of reading on one of my favorite blogs.

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