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March 11, 2006

Birthday Boy

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Happy birthday (yesterday) to Robert!

Amazing CG

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A CG recreation of the famous Man on the Moon shot.

12 month plane

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A cool video of the 12 month build process for a new Airbus A380 condensed to 7 minutes.

I’m a Lesser Man

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Since I left for Sing exactly one month ago, Erin and I have been on the Atkins diet. We’ve been going through what is called the “induction” phase, where the dieter dramatically cuts out all but 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. The USRDA of carbs is 300 grams, and most people exceed this. I know that Erin and I ate more than this sometimes because we had so much bread, rice, and pasta in our diets. I’m sure we were around the 500gm/day mark, so cutting back to 20 grams was really dramatic.

The first two weeks were (relatively) easy for me since I was gone for Sing. I would typically be busy from 1-12pm so there wasn’t much time for eating anyway. I pretty much ate chicken, cheese, and tuna. After two weeks I was ready to either crow, moo, or swim away. Booooo-ring diet, but it worked. Man, did it work.

The two weeks since returning have been less successful. Both Erin and I have experienced a big slowdown of our weight loss, though we seem to be settling within a pound or two of our desired goal.

So here are some numbers. When I cut out caffeine and soft drinks a few years ago I was 227. I’ve been told by several friends that my 6’2″ frame hid it well, and I appreciate it, but when I could no longer hold my gut in, or when my knees hurt while walking up the stairs, or when my midsection pushed against the front of all of my clothes, I knew that it was time to do something. Cutting out soft drinks and caffeine made a big difference. It took about a year to drop over 30 pounds. I didn’t sleep any better (other issues there), but I didn’t go through the day with a massive sugar/caffeine buzz and my teeth haven’t hurt since I quit. That alone was worth the absolutely miserable first two weeks of self-imposed detox. If quitting cigarettes is harder than quitting caffeine (and I’ve heard that it’s much harder), I have newfound respect for anyone who successfully quits, or even gives it a good try. Cravings suck. I was successful in getting down to around 195 just from getting off the Pepsi and being aware of what I was stuffing down my gullet. My weight slowly crept back up to around 200, however, and I felt like I was destined to never be where I wanted to be unless I did something dramatic.

So we decided to couple Atkins with the no-caffeine regimen and see what happened. Wow! I set my goal weight at 185lbs and told myself that I’d get a nice reward as a motivation. I chose a wood floor for my office/studio. Last week I stepped on the scale and saw 185! I haven’t weighed that little since high school. Erin told me that I was 192 when we got married (funny that she’d remember that), and I have always striven to look like our honeymoon pics (I sound like such a girly-man).

Anyway, my weight has gone up slightly and is hovering in the 187range. Erin is also down to where she wants to be, plus two pounds or so. We’re having trouble getting those last couple of pounds off, but we’ll keep at it, while slowly adding some carbs back into our diet. We had a 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes last night for the first time in a month. Wonderful.

If you’re interested in loosing some weight fairly quickly with very little food cravings, we can both recommend Atkins. It’s not something that I’d stay on indefinitely, though. The dependence on so much protein, not to mention the fact that you have to stay away from all bread (!) makes it very difficult to do it for more than a month or two unless you’re really hard core or have to lose a lot of weight. The only downside of the diet-well, aside from how boring it is unless you’re really creative- is that that none of my pants fit now. I’ve dropped several inches and my gut is gone now. I’ll either continue to belt up my pants Paddington-Bear style or spring for some new jeans.

Feels great!

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