The Big Think

March 22, 2006


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Longhorn (a.ka. “Vista”) slips into the future again. What’s the difference between Mac OS X and Vista? Microsoft employees are excited about Mac OS X.

The Bookshelf is Done!

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It’s finished! I’ll take a couple decent pictures tomorrow when the sun is up.

Today I started work on the bathroom cabinets. Knocked the carcass together in a couple of hours. It’s amazing what you can do with the right tools. Tomorrow: face frame and a start on the door, plus we’re gearing up for stool production. No, not the kind that happens after a large dinner (ew!). Rather, Erin and I are making and hopefully selling a bunch of little-kid-piano-stools through her work. It’s a great opportunity for us to work together (I build and she paints/decorates), and it fills a need. I’ll post more about it when we get the prototypes done.

It feels great to have that book case done.

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