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March 24, 2006

Okay, Here’s the Bookcase Already

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I don’t know how many hour it took, but it was a lot. Blessed few mistakes, fortunately. Please note the small ebony inlaid squares. That’s about six hours of eyestrain right there, but it was worth it.

Yes, the wood on the top really is that beautiful. You can lose yourself in that wonderful quartersawn grain. The side panels are solid quartersawn red oak bookmatched on my bandsaw.

Building probably took 30-40 hours. Finishing took around 10. However, because of work-related delays, it took me over four months to complete the thing. Still and all, it looks good in the space and Erin loves it. And that’s the most important thing, right? Oh, the white things under the feet are folded paper towels just in case the thing decides to bleed on the carpet. Red stain and light beige carpet don’t mix. I’ll leave them there for a few weeks.

The finish is 10% brown and 90% mahogany red Solar-Lux dye. Then a coat of Minwax mahogany stain, followed by six coats of 2-lb cut shellac. By the way, the color of the finish (which I love and took eight tests to get just right) doesn’t quite match with the color of the wall (which I’m growing to dislike). We may have to repaint.

Please forgive the dusty and spotty photography. Fine Woodworking would never accept it. I may prevail upon the good graces of a friend with a Good Camera Setup to take a few shots. Maybe Taunton will get a copy someday (if I might be so bold).

Finally, to those who asked: yes, the design is custom. I drew it out full-sized onto a piece of paper. Great idea, that. I’ll continue to do this on future designs. I’m proud to say that all of my furniture designs have been originals (or inspired-by’s. In this case, the book case design is my take on Arts and Crafts)

And here it is:

Designing on paper:

Deciding what grain looks best where:

Partial assembly- here you can see the thick panels (labeled “P1, P2”) that eventually got cut and bookmatched into the sides. Also note the paper template shape for the cloud lift design on the middle side piece. It was bandsawn shortly after this picture was shot:

The final product!


Thanks for looking.
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