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March 29, 2006

The Future of Driving (and TV)

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Nova special “The Great Robot Race” aired last night. It was available today online in full, without commercials (well, since it’s Nova, there wouldn’t have been any commercials anyway). I just finished watching this hour long special about the first (and second) autonomous robot competition that happened last year. It’s a great show.

What really impressed me, though, was how much more I enjoyed watching it online. The video was in a smallish window and it wasn’t the same quality picture that we’d have gotten on our TV, but those things will change in time as better bandwidth and compression technologies develop. What I really liked about watching it via my internet connection was that the producers included extra video content that they couldn’t include in the televised version- like having the extra features on a DVD.
I kept thinking how great it’ll be in the future when all media is delivered this way, and how this will greatly increase the opportunities for talented content creators.

Check out the show.

As Seen From Space

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Here’s what a total eclipse of the sun looks like from space. The shadow of the moon. Amazing.


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