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March 30, 2006

Photoshopped Posters

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Some classic photoshopped posters here. Some of these had me laughing out loud.


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I ordered some clamps on Amazon the other day. Not only is Bessey having a big anniversary sale, but Amazon is including a 24″ clamp for FREE when you order two of the bigger ones. Clamps may not sound very sexy or blogworthy, but when they’re Big Bessey’s, believe-you-me, you’ll have a shopful of woodworkers drooling and catcalling like Leisure Suit Larry.

So I spent just over $60 to buy a 24″, 31″, and 50″ clamp. Amazon shipped them via supersaver shipping, which also means “slowest and most inconvenent shipping possible”. No big deal.

You’d think that Amazon would want to ship them in the most cost effective way since they were fronting the bill for the heavy things. Oh no. Not only did they send them in three separate shipments, but their shippers have no clue how to efficiently pack something odd like a 50″ clamp. Witness:

Here’s what happens when you don’t have a big enough box:


Here’s the second box. Looks like the clamp is well protected, right?


Really good packing there, guys:

I mean, it’s not like a hunk of plastic attached to a steel bar is in much danger. They could slap a shipping label on it and send it with no protection and it’d probably be okay. At least I have lots of cardboard now. 🙂


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Iraq hostage Jill Carroll released unharmed. Whew.

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