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April 7, 2006

Current Reading

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Abandon in Place by Jerry Oltion

Get Lost

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Giles loaned us the first season DVD set of Lost a while back. Erin and I finally got around to watching it last week.


It only took us six days at four episodes per night for us to tear our way through this thing, and we’re wishing that season two was on DVD. We see now what the hype was about, though hearing that season two isn’t as good as season one takes some of the anticipation away.

We’ve bought the first episode of season 2 on the iTMS, but Erin doesn’t like to “watch” shows on my computer monitor. Can’t blame her, really.

Back when I didn’t think I’d ever watch this show I talked to my friend Jan about it whenever interesting stuff would happen. So going into this marathon of DVD watching, I already knew some of the major plot points and spoilers. Bummer. It was fun to see Erin so surprised, though.

The only real complaint I have about the show is that sometimes the production values will be inconsistent from shot to shot. I’m picky, and it’s an occupational hazard, but the lighting will change dramatically in two different shots (same time of day, same characters, same conversation even). I think it’s probably a result of them shooting on the beach in Hawaii and dealing with changing cloud cover. Sound has been wonderfully consistent and creative, especially the background ambient stuff. They also usually do a good job of looping the actor’s voices when they’re next to the pounding surf on the beach. Still, when they shoot a conversation between two characters in bright sunlight in the middle of the day, and then go back and shoot an insert wide shot at sunset (with fill lights), then go back to the close-up shot and it’s noon again…. you tend to notice.

Out on Safari

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My Safari browser has gotten really buggy lately. It refuses to load this very web page (Firefox does it very well, thank you). Also, Safari has started to ignore imbedded .mov files and can’t locate digg, though the Fox doesn’t have a problem with either one.

The most frustrating thing about OS X to me is that I can’t lobotomize individual apps as easily as I could in OS 9. Sure, it’s relatively easy to just dump a non-Apple app by dragging the package into the trash, but there are preferences hidden about in various different library folders that should (or should not!) be deleted as well. And with something like Safari-something that comes with the OS itself- it’s not just the simple matter of downloading the “Safari x.x.x installer” and double clicking. Apple occasionally wraps the app in an overall system install so it’s hard to “part out”.

When I mention stuff like this to knowledgeable OS X friends, I’m often told that the problems I’m seeing in OS X can’t happen because of the way the system is designed. But like William Shatner before me, I see them- they’re there. Little gremlins that gradually find their way in and begin dismantling the port-side engine.

I usually elicit gasps of disbelief because I like to reinstall the whole OS every year or so to exorcise these imaginary demons. I’m assured that a reinstall of X is unnecessary because of the way the system is designed, but all I know is that the problems go away after a relatively simple reinstall (and doing this in X is sometimes way easier than rooting out a bad pref file somewhere without breaking something else). Registry anyone? Blasphemy, I know.

Still, Safari sits there, refusing to load a page that Firefox sees without a complaint. All hail the Fox.

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