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April 18, 2006

New Toy

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Well, not a toy exactly a “toy”, but not really a “need” either. Our home theater receiver started going wonky last week. It was cutting out and showing “protect” every so often. It got more and more common until it just quit working altogether. Anyway, Erin gave me the GO to get a new one so I did some research online and decided on the Sony STR-DE598 5.1 DTS receiver. It’s fairly low end, but still does what we need, though I was going to have to kludge together some of the inputs (via the VCR) because it didn’t have as many as we need. I went to Fry’s just to see what they had and Lo and Behold, they had the STR-DE698. It’s the next model up and has 7.1 capability!. I got a really good deal (really, really good) since Sony has discontinued them. I mean, REALLY good- even beating the best online price I could find by about 20%.

The best part is that we finally have enough inputs for everything- even an aux input for the iPod. Now we “need” a subwoofer. I actually looked around online last night for plans to build my own, but I don’t know the first thing about making an amplifier.


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